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High Risk Merchants

For some industries, it is not easy to get a credit card acceptance agreement, especially if the merchant is classified as high risk. Since acceptance banks rate risk differently, it is difficult to say which set of criteria is being applied. Factors are the monthly sales volume, the average transaction value, the type of products sold and also the country in which the merchant is registered or to which he delivers. Other factors include chargebacks and fraud.

Risk industries

Typically, due to an increased number of chargebacks, the following industriesare classified as High Risk.

  • Casinos, gambling and online games
  • Bets and sports betting
  • Medicines and alternative medicine
  • Adult content
  • Food supplements
  • CBD products

The method of how sales are initiated also allows conclusions to be drawn. The more aggressive the sales tactics, the higher the risk.

The increased risk usually results in higher credit card acceptance costs for high risk merchants.

VIVEUM successfully serves numerous high risk merchants and can offer optimal conditions for your business.

Personal and trustful consulting is very important, especially in this segment! Therefore, feel free to arrange a personal conversation with our high risk specialists and start!