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Your payment backend

The payment back-end is the central platform for the administration and analysis of your transactions. You can use the graphical user interface to perform, among others, the following tasks

Searching for transactions

You can use the transaction search to display or search for all your transactions in a specific period. You can use a number of filters to identify the individual transaction you are looking for, a specific customer, or a group of transactions. The result of a particular search can then be exported to a spreadsheet format as Excel or CSV.

Displaying transaction details

By clicking on a transaction, you can display details about that particular transaction. On the detail page, you can also perform manual actions such as cancellations or refunds.

Analysis and export of data

Key performance indicators (KPI) such as transaction volume, number of transactions, chargeback rates or other trader-specific values can be displayed and exported.

Managing fraud prevention settings

If you have selected our additional fraud prevention feature, you can configure the appropriate settings in the back-end, as well as view the specific transaction checks and assigned ratings.

More features are waiting for you!

In addition, you can use the payment back-end to perform various other tasks, such as carrying out e-terminal transactions, batch processing, managing subscriptions, and much more.